EVS Frame Kit

It can take as little as 10 minutes to install a EVS Glazing panel, compared to over three hours to retro glaze a traditional double glazing panel

EVS installation is very quick and simple and provides a professional finish that can be painted to match the surrounding timber. The EVS kits can be assembled onto a glazing panel that best suits the customers requirements then using a clip bead system the panel can be positioned then fixed with screws then clipped and sealed for a permanent fixing. Follow the information below for step by step instructions as well as view the video.

EVS panel pre-painting  

Pre-painting the EVS panels makes it a lot quicker to get the job installed with less onsite work later on.  

Step 1: Roll onto a soft surface

Step 2: Cement corners

Step 3: Sand corners

Step 4: Mask ready for paint

Step 5: Seal before painting

Step 6: Paint the face of the panel

Window Preparation for EVS

Preparing old windows can transform them back to new ready for the EVS panel

Step 1: Scape off old paint

Step 2: Mask around the putty

Step 3: Seal and fill the putty edges

Step 4: Paint the edges

Step 5: Remove the masking tape

Step 6: Clean the window

EVS panel installation

The EVS Step–by-Step guide, how to install the clip on panels. Fast, simple and more affordable!

Step 1: Insert clips into back slots 

Step 2: Position EVS unit onto the window

Step 3: Set and screw the fixing clips into place.

Step 4: Clip on the panel

Step 5: Seal around the edges

Step 6: Paint the sealed edges

Painting EVS

EVS is made of PVC that can be painted to match existing timber work. 

Paint finish

Painting the EVS frames will visually match it back to the timber paint finish and protect the frame from long term UV damage. Contact your local paint supplier for recommendations on what paint system to use with the PVCu frames to best suit your local conditions. It will take a few days for the paint to a harden off so don't handle the units for a few days following sealing and painting. 

Remove broken panel

The process of removing a broken panel takes less time than repairing a broken putty window with the quick release clips.

Step 1: Repair brocken panel

Step 2: Cut around the edges

Step 3: Pry around the edges

Step 4: Pull panel off the fixing clips

Step 5: Remove back profiles

Step 6: Remove broken panel

The EVS installation booklet

Download the printable EVS step by step guide to assemble and install an EVS panels
Topics include:
-Assembling the EVS Kit
-Pre-painting the EVS panel
-Window preparation for EVS
-Installation of An EVS panel
-Removing of the EVS panel

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