Case Studies

This Gallery provides a range of different projects with before and after images to compare 

All new glazing technology making homes warmer and dryer while maintaining their character

EVS maintains the character of homes that have beautiful features such as delicate astragals, coloured glass and leadlight windows. See how different home owners have upgraded their homes with before and after images to compare.

Villa in North East Valley,  Dunedin

The new owners of this villa in North East Valley had only ever lived in new homes with warm insulated walls and windows, so they had a big challenge on their hands to make this beautiful villa warm and dry for their family to enjoy. They fully insulated the walls and roof and completed the process with EVS Retro Glazing.

They have noticed big improvements in their home's warmth and were pleased that they didn't have to use more expensive replacement or retro glazing options. They are planning on painting the outside of their home in summer and will paint their new frames to match their new colour scheme

Challenges with Villas

Villas have the most beautiful windows but also have the most drafts due to their double hung opening system, that allow plenty of space to slide up and down.

Most replacement windows for villas will destroy the character and style of your feature windows resulting in the loss of property value.

The retro glazing option has been the only alternative, but this remains a very expensive option due to the complexity of removing the existing windows so they can be worked on. 

EVS Glazing offers a whole new option that retains the original character, provides leading performance, and can be done at a more affordable price. EVS have developed the process of adding triple glazing results without needing to remove fixed windows, which minimises damage and saves time and money. EVS recommends that most of the windows are sealed shut to minimise drafts and allow for one opening window to provide ventilation. EVS installs mohair edge stripes to close down the gaps and provide double-hungs with a smother sliding action. 

100 year old cottage with keeps its character and charm. The owners of this historic cottage have gone to great lengths to retain the character of their quintessential cottage in the country. Their reaction to their new EVS was that you hardly notice it from a visual point of view, but they notice the condensation has gone and the timber will now be protected from the damage of crying windows. 

Character Cottage , Mosgiel

The owner of this character filled cottage was looking at all the options to upgrade their timber framed windows. Quotes for full replacement joinery started from around $30,000 to remove the existing windows, manufacture replacement aluminium joinery and installation. The next option to retrofit glazing ranged toward $20,000. Retro glazing retains most of the existing joinery, but still required the removal of fine astragal and fan lights openings, to be replaced with new single panel windows Retro Glazing would have taken a couple of weeks for installation to be carried out. EVS retro glazing came in at around a third of the replacement cost, and was done in a day. The EVS result provided top preforming triple glazed panels that retained 100% of the original character and added increased protection the original windows. Needless to say the owner is very pleased with her warmer dryer home.  

21 Claremont Street, Maori Hill,  Dunedin

The Claremont property is situated in a small gully surrounded by large trees. It is prone to cold and frost and the south side has a lot of large windows that get no sun during winter. These windows were the perfect candidates for the EVS system which provided an economical way to improve the thermal performance and reduce heat loss.

EVS is also a useful way to provide additional protection to the window frames against the southerly storms that bring strong winds and heavy rain.  This project uses EVSx3 made using the latest PVCu profile.

245 Macandrew Road, South Dunedin

The MacAndrew road property features bay windows and ornate lead lights around the facing sides of the home. The cost of retro fitting lead lights makes it a cost prohibitive exercise, where as the EVS system provided a top preforming solution at have the price.

The property used the EVS x2 with timber profiles which provide a good level of thermal performance at R0.35. The EVS was installed directly after the inside edges were painted which meant that the EVS Glazing fogged up within a few hours.

Due to EVS's unique patented venting system the fogging reduced over a number of days until it was completely gone. Since then the windows have remained fog free.

This is a good example of how the EVS system works to remove trapped moisture that would otherwise accumulate and cause on-going condensation and fogging.

42 Cargill Street, Dunedin City

The Cargill Street property is divided into separate flats for vising students and tourists. The property is tucked behind other buildings on the shady side of the hill which resulted in less sun and a colder environment for the tenants.

A couple of tenants had resorted to using bubble wrap on their windows in an attempt to provide some relief from the cold damp windows.

The EVSx3 system provided an ideal solution to the landlord that reduced to cost of retro glazing and minimised disturbance to the tenants. EVSx3 also provided a reduction in city and traffic noise and delivered high performance thermal protection similar to argon low-e glazing. EVS has helped the landlord upgrade their insulation and make a better living environment for their tenants.

21 London Street, Dunedin

The London street property is also owned by a landlord who upgrade the whole dwelling with additional bathrooms, insulation and air conditioning heat control systems.

The design of the home features lead lights in over 90% of the windows which would have made the project very expensive and disruptive for the tenants. Each window would have needed to be removed and sent away for up to six weeks to be encapsulated into a new double glazing panel.

However EVS was a more affordable and less disruptive option that could be installed with out coming inside and cost about 50% less than getting encapsulation.

Previous owners had installed internal secondary glazing in some of the rooms which resulted in a serious condensation problem that prevented anyone seeing out the windows and extensive damage to the internal timberwork.

EVS has provided fog free windows and continues to provide additional protection from the the weather.

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