EVS Draught Seal

Stop the draught

Older homes with character timber windows that can look nice, but have gaps that reduce their effectiveness. There are many gap filling foam seals on the market, they are only short term solutions. EVS has developed a range of unique, easy to fit, retro seals made from aerated PVC that look and feel like timber.  Pre-finished in white or timber and fitted with quality seals for a durable and lasting result that meets the requirements of the Healthy Home Standards.  

Small V-Seal Draught Stop 
for Timber Windows

Character windows can suffer from draughty gaps that can now be easily fixed with the low 
profile V-Seal that can span gaps up to 10mm.   The timber finish looks attractive and can fit within most narrow window frames. 

EVS Draught Seal

-Stops Draughts
-Easy to install
-Long lasting
-Moisture proof
-Noise reduction
-Attractive low profile
-White or timber finish
-Fits around hardware

EVS Draught Seal

Draught Stop for timber windows

EVS Draught stop with a timber finish works very well with clear finished timber windows. The profile can be used without any further painting but can also be painted with a suitable paint finish. 

EVS Draught Seal

Draught Stop for timber windows

The Timber finish is not a surface veneer like other products, so it can be sanded and shaped like timber with the colour elements flowing through the whole profile.

EVS Draught Seal

Draught Stop for timber windows

Fitting existing hardware requires careful repositioning to ensure the mechanisms work correctly. It is recommended that you use a drill to pre-bore the screw holes to avoid cracking the Draught Stop profile.

EVS Draught Seal

Draught Stop for timber windows

Draught stop can be fitted to all the inside faces of the window frame, but be aware that the bottom rail will have the lip of the profile (3)
across the bottom opening window sil.

DIY Draught Stop Packs

The DIY Draught Stop packs (Do-It-Yourself ) make it quick and easy for home owners to install the best draught stop solutions for different window types.

EVS Draught Stop DIY Packs
The DIY Fanlight Draught Stop packs provide a solution that is ready to be installed into common sized timber framed windows. There are two types of fanlight window, 'transom' and 'Split rail' that both can have an EVS fanlight pack fitted with minimal waste step by step instructions on their installation. 

Exceed Fix Windows and Doors

Exceed has a network of skilled Technicians that cover most of New Zealand and provide friendly helpful advice and service for installing your EVS draught seals

Visit their web site and request a quote. www.exceed.co.nz

PlaceMakers Building Supplies 

Selected PlaceMakers stores provide the builders packs of Draught Seals and soon will be offering the DIY packs. If they are not in stock we can get them in usually within a week.

Contact your local store and ask about EVS Draught seals. 

EVS Window Technology

EVS is based in Otago and can offer Dunedin and Central Otago customers Draught Stop installation and supply. EVS can provide advice on how to install your Draught stops

Contact us if you want a price or advice.  sales@evsdraughtstop.nz

Buy DIY packs online

EVS Draught stops are available throughout New Zealand and can also be purchased online.

DIY Instructions

Get Step by Step instructions on installing various solutions for doors and windows

Download your Copy 
 You can download your copy of the EVS Draught stop for inspiration and step by step instructions on how to install Draught Stop

EVS Draught Seal

Healthy Homes Draught Stopping Standard
Landlords must block any unreasonable gaps and holes in walls, ceilings, windows, floors and doors that cause noticeable draughts.

As a rule of thumb, gaps or holes with a width greater than 3mm in or around the walls, ceilings, windows, doors and floors that let air into or out of the home will usually require blocking to prevent unreasonable draughts.

This means that if the edge of a New Zealand $2 dollar coin can fit in the gap, then the gap needs to be sealed.

For an in-depth booklet on Draught Stopping Standards
Also some industry advice about how Property investors should deal with the new Rules around Healthy Homes by Dave Wade

Tenancy Guide Lines for Draughts

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